1.4ml, 5ml Cryo Vial

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Model Number: CV-1.4 / CV-5

1.4ml Volume

5ml Volume, colorful cap

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DNase and RNase free, High sealing performance


1.4ml Cryo Vial (CV-1.4)-6
5ml Cryo Vial (CV-5) (7)

Model Number: CV-1.4

Product Name: Cyro Vials

Tube Material: Polypropylene

Cap Material: Polyethylene

Capacity: 1ml

Color: Blue

Model Number: CV-5

Product Name: Cyro Vials

Tube Material: Polypropylene

Cap Material: Polyethylene

Capacity: 5ml

Color: Green cap

1.4ml Cryo Vial (CV-1.4)-7
5ml Cryo Vial (CV-5) (8)


DNAse/RNAse free, Graduated

Temperature tolerance : -196℃-121℃

High temperature and pressure resistance

Repeated freezing and thawing

Sterile available


1. Medical grade polypropylene material, can freeze and thaw repeatedly.

2. 1ml, 1.5ml, 2ml(outward and inward) a variety of specifications are available.

3. 1ml and 1.5ml are suitable for 100 boxes, and 2ml are suitable for 81 boxes. The lid of the box can be selected in seven colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white, purple and orange.

4. Electron beam sterilization, no DNase, RNase, no endotoxin, no exogenous DNA tube bar code is unique.

1. Medical grade polypropylene material, high temperature and pressure resistance, can be repeated freezing and thawing.

2. The lid is available in seven colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white, purple and orange.

3. Electron beam sterilization, no RNASC, no DNase, no endotoxin and foreign DNA.


Tolerant to -196℃~121℃, safe storage under liquid nitrogen gas phase conditions.


1.4ml Cryo Vial (CV-1.4)-8
1.4ml Cryo Vial (CV-1.4)-9
1.4ml Cryo Vial (CV-1.4)-10
5ml Cryo Vial (CV-5) (9)
5ml Cryo Vial (CV-5) (11)
5ml Cryo Vial (CV-5) (10)

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  • [Inspection principle]

    The virus is composed of a nucleic acid molecule and a protein or only a protein, which is small in size and simple in structure. Because there is no cell structure, the virus itself can not replicate, but the nucleic acid gene into the host cell, with the help of the latter replication system to replicate new virus. After collection of virus samples, in order to maintain the activity of virus samples, prolong the survival time of viruses in the samples, or inactivate viruses with lysate, only some important components of the virus (such as nucleic acid and antigen protein) are preserved and transported in the preservation solution.


    The disposable virus sampling tube is composed of sampling tube, cap, VTM preservation solution and / or sampling swab.

    [Storage conditions and validity]

    Storage conditions: normal atmospheric temperature

    Validity: 12months

    Note: after the sample is embedded in the sampling tube, it generally needs to be stored and transported at 2-8 ℃.

    [Specimen arrangements]

    The specimens should be transported to the corresponding laboratory within 3 working days after collection, and the storage temperature should be 2-8 ℃; if they cannot be sent to the laboratory within 72 hours, they should be stored at – 70 ℃ or below, and the specimens should avoid repeated freezing and thawing.