Microbiology Specimen Collection and Transport Solutions

Oral Swab (Kit) - Collect biological samples such as exfoliated cells and viruses from oral cavity for cell culture, DNA / RNA detection, etc.
Nasopharyngeal, Throat Swab (Kit) - Collect virus samples from human nasopharyngeal and respiratory tract, for influenza, HFMD and other respiratory virus disease.
Cervical, Urethral Swab( Kit) - Collect exfoliated cells and secretions samples from human cervical, vagina and urethra, for TCT and HPV screening in gynecology clinic and physical examination center.
Fecal Swab (Kit) - Collect fecal samples, for intestinal infectious diseases, digestive tract parasitic infections, malignant tumors, pancreatic and hepatobiliary system diseases, etc.
Saliva Collection Kit - Collect salivary cells of oral mucosa for DNA/RNA extraction.
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