Difference between virus preservation solution and cell preservation solution

Before answering the difference between virus preservation solution and cell preservation solution, we must first know what virus preservation solution is. The virus preservation solution is suitable for the collection, preservation and transportation of common virus samples such as new coronavirus, influenza virus, and hand, foot and mouth virus. Sampling swab virus sample in the sampling tube is a liquid that protects the virus to be tested. It can collect throat swabs, nasal swabs or tissue samples of specific parts. The stored samples can be used for subsequent clinical experiments such as nucleic acid extraction or purification. There are usually two types, one is the non-inactivated type, which can protect the protein and nucleic acid of the virus, and the other is the inactivated type, which usually contains the lysis salt of inactivating the virus, which cleavages the protein to protect the nucleic acid.

What is the cell preservation solution? The so-called cell preservation solution is a general-purpose cell cryopreservation solution, which can be used to freeze human and various animal cell lines; cell cryopreservation is an important technical means for cell culture, introduction, preservation and ensuring the smooth progress of experiments. . In cell establishment and line establishment, it is very important to freeze the original cells in time. In the preparation of hybridoma monoclonal antibodies, the cryopreservation of hybridoma cells and subclonal cells obtained from each cloning is often an indispensable experimental operation. Because when a stable cell line or a stable antibody-secreting cell line is not established, the cell culture process may cause the experiment to fail due to cell contamination, loss of antibody secretion ability or genetic variation, etc., if there is no original cell Frozen storage will be abandoned because of the above-mentioned accidents.

In summary, virus preservation solution and cell preservation solution are completely two different preservation solutions.

Post time: Dec-07-2021