J.able Bio Saliva Collection Kit

Saliva collector is also called saliva sampler, saliva collection device, DNA saliva collection tube.

Saliva is a complex mixture that contains not only various proteins, but also DNA, RNA, fatty acids, and various microorganisms. Studies have found that various protein components in the blood are also present in saliva, and saliva can reflect changes in the levels of various proteins in the blood. Therefore, it is possible to diagnose diseases by detecting saliva.

With the progress of society and the continuous improvement of cultural living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for medical examinations, requiring non-invasive, simple, and rapid examination and diagnosis methods. Compared with serum specimens, saliva collection is safe and convenient, non-invasive, without the risk of blood-borne diseases spreading, painless to patients, and easy to accept. Compared with urine samples, saliva has the advantage of real-time sampling. Research on saliva detection has aroused great interest and some preliminary results have been achieved. Saliva detection has been widely used.

Saliva testing can be performed in a variety of environments, including on the side of the road, and provide valuable diagnostic information. Saliva has been used for HIV, HBV virus, and various drugs such as cocaine, alcohol testing, genetic testing, virus testing, etc.

J.able saliva collection kit product description:

The saliva collection kit is composed of a funnel, a sampling tube, and preservation solution. The funnel can send saliva directly to the non-toxic stable buffer. There are clear graduation lines on the surface of the saliva collector. It is very convenient for sample transportation and storage.

The saliva collector can be used to collect saliva samples secreted by the oral cavity, and evenly mix the collected saliva with the saliva preservation fluid, ensuring the integrity of the DNA in the saliva sample and the long-term storage at room temperature. After the sample is extracted, it is used for clinical in vitro diagnosis.

Collection method:

1. Gently spit 2ml of saliva into the saliva collector.

2. Pour the preservation solution into the saliva and tighten the lid.

3. Tumble up and down to mix the saliva and preservation liquid evenly.

4. Put the sampling tube in the biosafety bag for inspection.

5. Discard the funnel.

Note: Because the DNA is not extracted from the saliva itself, but from the exfoliated cells contained in the saliva. Therefore, when collecting saliva samples, please try to use your tongue to scrape the upper and lower jaw as many times as possible, and use your teeth to scrape the tongue a little to ensure the number of exfoliated cells. Therefore, do not eat, drink, smoke, etc. before sampling.

Post time: Jun-25-2021