J.able Bio VTM sampling tube kit – How to choose the correct virus sampling tube kit (swab and volume)

The disposable virus sampling tube produced by J.able Bio has a variety of specifications, which can be matched with a variety of swabs, storage liquid volume, etc., how to choose the sampling tube kit correctly? It can be selected from the sampling mode and purpose.

Sampling mode: single-use, 5 in 1 mixed, 10 in 1 mixed

One-person sampling means that only one person’s sample is placed in a virus sampling tube, which is not suitable for large-scale nucleic acid testing. In principle, this sampling mode is required for high-risk areas and key populations.

5 in 1 mixed sampling, 10 in 1 mixed sampling means that 5 people or 10 people sample separately and put the samples in the same virus sampling tube. This mixed sampling mode is suitable for large-scale testing projects and has the advantages of efficient screening and resource saving.

If a 5-in-1 or 10-in-1 mixed sampling test is used, if the test is negative, it means that all 5 or 10 people are negative. Conversely, once a positive or weak positive is found, it will be traced immediately, and a single-tube swab will be collected again for review, and then it will be determined which of the 5 or 10 people is positive.

Sampling purpose:

1. It is used for the nucleic acid extraction of clinical patient influenza virus, hand, foot and mouth virus, rubella virus and other samples and later virus isolation. The required storage solution volume is generally 3.5ml or 5ml. (Need to cooperate with nucleic acid detection kit and cell culture medium)

2. It is used for the collection and short-term transportation of avian influenza virus in the external environment. The required storage solution volume is generally 6ml.

3. For daily monitoring and sampling of poultry, pigs and other animals. The required storage solution volume is generally 1.5ml.

Post time: Jun-25-2021