Saliva Collection Kit

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Model Number: PT/BM/YY/YG


Easily used by infants and elderly;

All-in-one system for saliva collection, stabilization and transport, storage;

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Saliva Collection Kit(PT)-10


Product Name: Saliva collection kit

Funnel material: PP

Tube material: PP

Cap material: PE

Saliva Collection Kit(PT)-11



Painless, non-invasive, no cross infection


Transportation at room temperature, storage at room temperature for 1 month &low temperature(0-8℃) for 12 month after sampling, best testing time is within 7 days.

High efficiency:

A large amount of DNA is obtained, and the extraction efficiency is high


Each sample has a unique national standard barcode, standardizes sample management and protects the privacy of the subject

Simple operation:

sampling can be completed in only three steps, preventing misuse



Clean the mouth

Pour into the funnel


Vomit saliva lighty

Unscrew the collection tube

Unscrew the cap

Saliva collection steps

30 minutes before cllecting a salva sample. please wash away  the debris In the oral cavity with absorption.

Press the tongue against the root of the upper or lower jaw to enrich the saliva, and gently spit the slliva into the ollecting funnel until the liquld saliva (non-bubble) reaches the height of the 2m scale line.

The most convenient sampling method for genetic testing is saliva collection, followed by blood. Currently, the most popular method is to collect saliva samples for testing. Compared with blood collection, saliva collection is more convenient and free, and user acceptance is also higher. Because the DNA is not extracted from the saliva itself, but from the exfoliated cells contained in the saliva. Therefore, when collecting saliva samples, please try to use your tongue to scrape the upper and lower jaw as many times as possible, and use your teeth to scrape the tongue a little to ensure the number of exfoliated cells. Therefore, do not eat, drink, smoke, etc. before sampling.


Saliva Collection Kit(PT)-13
Saliva Collection Kit(PT)-14
BM (3)
BM (2)
BM (4)
Saliva Collection Kit(PT)-22
YG (3)
YG (2)
YG (4)
YY (3)
YY (2)

Variety of funnel choices

Saliva Collection Kit(PT)-15
Saliva Collection Kit(PT)-16
Saliva Collection Kit(PT)-17
Saliva Collection Kit(PT)-18


Saliva Collection Kit(PT)-20

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  • [Inspection principle]

    The virus is composed of a nucleic acid molecule and a protein or only a protein, which is small in size and simple in structure. Because there is no cell structure, the virus itself can not replicate, but the nucleic acid gene into the host cell, with the help of the latter replication system to replicate new virus. After collection of virus samples, in order to maintain the activity of virus samples, prolong the survival time of viruses in the samples, or inactivate viruses with lysate, only some important components of the virus (such as nucleic acid and antigen protein) are preserved and transported in the preservation solution.


    The disposable virus sampling tube is composed of sampling tube, cap, VTM preservation solution and / or sampling swab.

    [Storage conditions and validity]

    Storage conditions: normal atmospheric temperature

    Validity: 12months

    Note: after the sample is embedded in the sampling tube, it generally needs to be stored and transported at 2-8 ℃.

    [Specimen arrangements]

    The specimens should be transported to the corresponding laboratory within 3 working days after collection, and the storage temperature should be 2-8 ℃; if they cannot be sent to the laboratory within 72 hours, they should be stored at – 70 ℃ or below, and the specimens should avoid repeated freezing and thawing.