Self-collection Cervical Swab (Kit)

Short Description:

Model Number: FS-H11

Intended use: Self-collection at home, HPV DNA, easy to use All-in-one system for cervix collection, stabilization and transport, storage

Material: Medical grade sponge, PU

Sterilization: Irradiation

Validity period: 2 years

Certificate: CE

OEM: Available

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 	 Self-collection Cervical Swab Kit
 	 Self-collection Cervical Swab Kit


1. No sexual life history; Avoid using in period of menstrual, pregnancy and lactation;

2. Avoid the use by women with genital tract lesions (injury, surgery, inflammation, tumor) or who have recently undergone cervical surgery (cryotherapy, electrocination, tapering, laser). Acute cervicitis should be treated first, and then sampled after recovery;

3. Do not have sex or bath for 24 hours before sampling; Vaginal irrigation or intravaginal medication should not be performed within 3 days prior to sampling;

4. Those who are in critical condition and may be in danger of life during the examination;

5. This product is a disposable product with independent packaging, only for personal use, one kit for one person, not allowed to share.

6. Do not use when the independent packaging is damaged, the sampling head is exposed to the tube or the sampling head is separated from the tube;

7. The product has been used by a large number of people, and the sampling swab operation is safe and painless, but it is still recommended to do it in the company of others;

8. If bleeding or persistent pain occurs during sampling, please stop the operation immediately and go to the hospital for treatment.

9. When using, pay attention to the expiry date of the product, the expired product is strictly prohibited to use;

10. Pay attention to the packaging mark and check whether the package is damaged. If damaged, it is strictly prohibited to use.

11. Dispose according to medical waste treatment method after use.

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